Why Create A New Beverage to Fuel and Power Your Life?

Life2Go was created to fill a vacuum in your day – a healthy refreshing drink that is both nutritious and energizing without any of the harsh preservatives and artificial ingredients of all the existing products. The unique blend of all the right natural ingredients, in the right doses, delivered in unison, enables your body and mind to achieve superior performance.

A New Way of Thinking About What You’re Drinking

Life2Go was developed by world-renowned chef, restaurateur, and food & beverage creator Jimmy Schmidt. He began development of his ground-breaking patented formula over 12 years working with the Corvette Racing Team in endurance events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, Daytona and Sebring.

Life2Go is a unique blend of proteins and carbohydrates that increase the muscular uptake of nutrients, pulling along complex amino acids, electrolyte and vitamins that are used in the metabolism of energy to fuel steady stamina. “Simply stated it delivers all the right fuel to your cells at the same time to fire,” states Schmidt. It has about 70 calories, Low GI (Glycemic Index) for more stable blood sugar, low carb, good source of protein and fiber. The flavor is a combination of Orange (Florida), Mango (India) and Passion Fruit (Equador) with no additional sugar.

Nutritional Enhancement

This special protein-carbohydrate blend functions as an enhanced delivery system to carry the other nutritional components to the muscles and organs. This blend provides the amino acids, vitamins and minerals used in the metabolism of nutrients for sustained endurance, concentration and stamina.

Life2Go has a proprietary ratio of ingredients with unique slow burn carbohydrates that are low in GI (Glycemic Index) which work to provide stable endurance and prevent crash. The blend works to stabilize blood sugar rather than increase blood sugar like other sports/energy drinks.

Great Flavor with More Nutrition

Life2Go is a blend of mango, orange and passion fruits with added natural flavors to round out its unique taste profile. These fruit flavors are complimentary but also provide nutritional value as well. Mango is selected for its sweet, rich, fragrant flavor and contains the highest beta carotene of all the mango varieties. Oranges are selected for the rich sweet and bitter flavor and high vitamin C. Passion Fruit from Equador for rich flavor and intense beta carotene, potassium, vitamin C, Lycopenein and fiber. The fructose in Life2Go is coming from these natural fruit purees. No additional fructose or sugar of any kind is added to the formulation.

Real Energy to Quench Your Thirst and Fuel Your Body

This drink is not a stimulant based beverage with exaggerated vitamins and stimulants to create a fake “energy” feeling. It is real – real energy, real nutrition and real stamina for all the activities of your many lifestyles. One taste of Life2Go and you’ll be convinced.


Protein – Carbohydrate Blend

Life2Go is a unique blend of proteins and slow burn carbohydrates that together initiate a 25% to 35% increase in nutritional uptake to the muscles and organs as compared to standard carbohydrate based sport/energy drinks.

Until the late 90’s, carbohydrate was considered the primary fuel for endurance athletes. Many studies confirmed that carbohydrate supplementation during exercise would extend endurance and speed muscle recovery. In the mid 90’s, Schmidt was experimenting with the blend of protein and slow burn carbohydrates to reduce and prevent blood sugar crash, balance stomach acid and increase stamina and recovery. In a series of trials under severe conditions of endurance racing, this formulation showed that when carbohydrates and proteins were combined in a certain specific ratio the results were extraordinary, not only at facilitating muscle recovery, but also extending endurance.

The studies showed that compared to a conventional carbohydrate sports drink, a beverage containing this ratio of carbs to protein significantly increased endurance, reduced post-exercise related muscle damage, stimulated glycogen replenishment and protein synthesis. These studies showed conclusively that protein plays a critical role in improving endurance performance.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are critical to life and have many functions. One particularly important function is to serve as the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids have been proven to improve concentration and mental clarity during exercise and other stressful activities. Amino acids increase the rate of protein synthesis to enhance muscle regeneration while sustaining existing structure by decreasing protein decomposition. This allows the body to sustain activity longer, with less Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

Life2Go’s unique combination of five key amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, valine, arginine and glutamine are essential to providing and maintaining peak performances for all types of physical and mental activities. During active periods the body consumes amino acids at an increased rate, which must be replaced to sustain performance.

Humans acquire amino acids by synthesizing them in the body through food and special supplements. Life2Go is specially formulated to allow its active ingredients to be absorbed by your body more quickly and thoroughly, as they do not require digestion to be absorbed. With Life2Go your body is empowered to maximize and enhance its natural processes of muscle building and repair, mental fatigue recovery and other physiological functions during activities.

Electrolytes and Minerals

Electrolytes play an important part in maintaining the internal balance of the body. They help to regulate the body’s internal temperature and electrical balance, as well as body pH, fluid levels, and delivery of oxygen to the cells. Without a proper balance of electrolytes, one may experience symptoms ranging from nausea and fatigue, to heart failure and death.

Life2Go provides the electrolyte blend to give your body what it needs to maintain itself in balance. The unique blend delivers sodium, potassium spectrum, calcium spectrum, phosphate, magnesium, copper and zinc are specially formulated to offset natural loss through activities and as a component necessary in metabolism of other key body functions.


Vitamins are essential for human metabolism. They are absorbed through digestion from the foods you eat, as the body cannot synthesize them. The Harvard School of Public Health recommends a multivitamin source as a form of nutritional insurance especially with the harried diet of our busy modern lifestyle.

Life2Go provides between 40% and 80% of the suggested RDA of 8 primary vitamins that support certain metabolism for stamina and mental activities. The vitamin levels are all balanced with RDA standards to deliver supplement nutrition, not stimulant based overdoses.


The calorie is the basic metric unit of energy. Through human history we as a species have sought calories to sustain our body functions and prevent starvation. Only in the last 50 years have calories become a negative term in relation to obesity and the inflammation syndromes.

Life2Go contains 70 calories, less than the juice it tastes like, less than most other beverages by far. Life2Go provides the calories we need to get going and keep going. There is a solid study that could be substantiated that Life2Go is actually a “negative” caloric beverage as the action it fuels burns more calories than it delivers.


Life2Go is an unique blend of proteins and carbohydrates that increases the body uptake of nutrients, bringing along the amino acids, minerals-electrolytes, vitamins and botanicals that are utilized in the metabolism of energy and essential functions of the body and mind. Great natural taste, delivering GI stable low calories.